We all need light, hope, love, unity, and peace in our lives to find happiness and thrive. Yet, we live in a time when those essential ingredients for life’s happiness recipe are being eroded at an exponential rate. They are being displaced by the tidal wave of darkness, despair, hate, division and contention, so readily visible in this digital age.

The Kindness Givers’ Formula – Four Simple Steps for Making a Transformational Difference for Good provides an easy yet powerfully effective solution for restoring those vital elements, which anyone who is willing can readily learn and implement.


In forty-five minutes, you can learn the four straightforward habit-building-steps for daily kindness giving, get practical information for ingraining them in your life and unleashing the power of kindness giving, and read inspiring examples of the formula in action. 


As you learn the formula and put it into action, you will become part of the solution for turning back this horrendous tide. Imagine what will happen when hundreds of millions, even billions of people around the world put this simple formula into action. Together we can transform the world for good!​

Learn the formula! Use the formula! Make a difference! Change the world!


Get your copy of The Kindness Givers’ Formula today.





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