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Randy McNeely - A Kindness Giver
The Kindness Habit - See, Think Feel, Act, Transform

Change the way you see, think feel and act to lead with the transformational kindness that  brings out the best in yourself and others and gets outstanding results.

Randy McNeely - The Kindness Giver


Randy McNeely is a cybersecurity and information security professional turned committed kindness advocate and kindness engineer.

With his down to earth, warm-hearted style, Randy McNeely teaches entrepreneurs and organizations how to embrace a better way to thrive through kindness driven behaviors.

With over 20 years in both the private and public sector, Randy understands the barriers that a toxic personality or culture can throw into the path of success. Through the 4-stage Kindness Habit Framework and the 5-Step Kindness Givers' Formula, Randy helps entrepreneurs and organizations engineer powerful personal and professional relationships and cultures to break through those barriers, bring out the best in people, and get outstanding results.

Kindness Engineering Expert

Randy McNeely - A Kindness Giver

Why Randy?

Entrepreneurs and organizations hire Randy to engineer trustworthy personal and professional relationships the bring out the best in people and get outstanding results.

That's great but, what else?

Randy will help you identify and integrate key behaviors that are the foundation for powerful, trustworthy relationships which create raving fans and open the floodgates to new and recurring revenue.

I'm hooked. What now?

Now it's time to take off! You simply need to connect with Randy, make sure it is a good fit, then launch!


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Learn how to reach hearts, inspire change, and heal the world.

Record your experiences with kindness daily to ingrain the transformational feeling they bring.

Get daily inspiration to lift and enhance your life.

Read these heart grabbing true stories of the transformative power of kindness to lift your soul.

Randy in the Media

Randy McNeely with Raffi Andonian on the set of Cleo the Muse.

Randy and Raffi Andonian

Randy on Clio The Muse with Raffi Andonian

See the full episode on Zondra TV 

Randy on Fireside Chat with Zondra Evans.

See the full episode on Zondra TV 

Randy McNeely and Zondra Evans on the set of Fireside Chat

Randy and Zondra Evans

Watch and listen to more podcast, radio, television, and live stream videos here

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