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Randy McNeely

"The Kindness Giver"

We seem to be facing a crisis of epic proportions. Just as a tidal wave erodes and displaces everything in its path, darkness, hate, division and contention, so readily visible in this digital age, are eroding and displacing life sustaining light, love, unity and peace. If these things trouble you, you’re not alone. But what can we do? Is it possible to stem this tide? Can you and I, as individuals possibly make a difference? The answer is a resounding YES!

The Kindness Givers’ Formula – Four Simple Steps for Making a Transformational Difference for Good provides an easy yet powerfully effective solution that anyone who is willing to can readily learn and implement.


In forty-five minutes, you can learn the four straightforward habit-building-steps for daily kindness giving, get practical information for ingraining them in your life and unleashing the power of kindness giving, and read inspiring examples of the formula in action. 


This gem of a book is a solution for our time that will resonate with your heart. It is a formula to bring back civility and peace to a troubled world. Come and join the Kindness Giver’s movement! Not only will you bless others, but you will also come to know that the boomerang effect (what goes around comes around) is real. The more kindness you give away, the more happiness and joy you will find in your own life, and the more kindness you will want to share! It becomes contagious!

Learn the formula!


Use the formula!


Make a difference!


Change the world!


Get your copy of The Kindness Givers’ Formula today.


Praise for 

The Kindness Givers' Formula

The Kindness Givers’ Formula is a game changer, so needed for our time when hate and vitriol seem to be becoming the norm. The book is an easy, enjoyable, motivating read and I absolutely love the formula! It’s simple, easy to implement, and it has an immediate impact for good, both on the giver and the receiver.


If you want to know how you can make a powerful difference for good, this is the book for you!


Barbara Brooks


The best endorsement I can give The Kindness Givers’ Formula is that within an hour of reading this great book I sent out over twenty ‘love notes’ to people who had impacted my life and needed to know how much I appreciated them. Kindness works wonders for the soul.

James W. Ritchie

Former Senior VP Over Sales and Training Franklin, now Franklin Covey

Reading this book will inspire and give direction to anyone who wants to make a positive impact in our world. Although The Kindness Givers’ Formula seems easy to implement, the impact of showing kindness to our fellow human beings is long lasting and profound.

This book is a must read if there's a desire in your heart to do a little more each day to brighten someone else's day! Our world needs more inspired messengers of goodness, kindness, truth and light like Randy McNeely!

Elia Gourgouris PhD
Author of #1 Best-Selling Book
7 Paths to Lasting Happiness
President of The Happiness Center

The Kindness Givers’ Formula totally resonated with me. It is a solution for our time; a formula to bring back civility and peace to a troubled world. I highly recommend it because I know you will receive more out of the kindness you give than the people for whom it is intended.

Niankoro Yeah SAMAKÉ
Strategic Advisor - Empower Mali
Former Malian Ambassador to India

I love the book titled The Kindness Givers’ Formula: Four Simple Steps For Making A Transformational Difference For Good. Simple, straightforward, powerful and effective advice for establishing the habit of daily intentional kindness, a big part of the solution for restoring light, love, unity, and peace to our troubled world.


Buy it! Read it! Apply it. Everyone within your circle of influence will benefit, including you!


Dan Nielsen

Founder, Publisher, Author, Speaker and CEO, America's Healthcare Leaders



The Kindness Givers' Formula 

Helps People Restore Light, Love, Unity and Peace


Voice of Muscatine

Moving Forward Interview


The Kindness Givers' Formula

Moving Forward Radio Show

World Kindness Day - 11/13/2019



The Answer Is Always Yes


Randall D. McNeely, "Randy”, a cybersecurity and information security professional for nearly twenty years, has always been a kindness giver at heart. He's been involved in multiple kindness giving efforts throughout his adult life.  He is passionate about and driven to share kindness as a way of giving back for the heart touching, life changing kindness shown to him throughout his life, especially during some very difficult family challenges.

To that end Randy recently Founded Kindness Hunters International (KHI) in partnership with world renowned happiness guru, Dr. Elia Gourgouris, and the extraordinary director and producer Elgin Cahill. KHI is dedicated to restoring light, love, unity, and peace to our troubled world by sharing the stories of amazing Kindness Givers.

Randy also wrote and recently published The Kindness Givers' Formula - Four Steps for Making a Transformational Difference for Good, a simple four-step formula for ingraining the habit of daily intentional kindness.

Randy is committed, heart and soul, to the cause of spreading a message of kindness throughout the world to help restore light, love, unity and peace and to inviting and encouraging others to do the same.

In addition to being an author, Randy is also a singer/songwriter and has written several patriotic songs, children’s songs, and multiple religious hymns. He and his daughters recorded and released the song Everybody Speaks Smile to remind everyone that the simple act of sharing a genuine smile is an act of kindness that all people can understand no matter what language they speak.

Randy is married to the amazing Kimberly McNeely. They are blessed to be the parents of five children—four daughters and one son.


"The Kindness Giver"


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