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The best endorsement I can give The Kindness Givers’ Formula is that within an hour of reading this great book I sent out over twenty ‘love notes’ to people who had impacted my life and needed to know how much I appreciated them. Kindness works wonders for the soul.

​James W. Ritchie

Former Senior VP Over Sales and Training Franklin, now Franklin Covey


This book is a must read if there's a desire in your heart to do a little more each day to brighten someone else's day! Our world needs more inspired messengers of goodness, kindness, truth and light like Randy McNeely!

Elia Gourgouris PhD
Author of #1 Best-Selling Book
7 Paths to Lasting Happiness
President of The Happiness Center


The Kindness Givers’ Formula totally resonated with me. It is a solution for our time; a formula to bring back civility and peace to a troubled world. I highly recommend it because I know you will receive more out of the kindness you give than the people for whom it is intended.

Niankoro Yeah SAMAKÉ
Strategic Advisor - Empower Mali
Former Malian Ambassador to India


This sweet little book is the exact right amount and kind of information we need to restore our faith in humanity and the world. With actionable advice and great stories, this giving formula is guaranteed to put you and keep you in a positive mood!


Jordan Gross, Author

The Journey to Cloud Nine

What Happens in Tomorrow World?: A Modern-Day Fable About Navigating Uncertainty

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Randy McNeely - The Kindness Giver




I'm a husband to an angel and a father of five wonderful children. Ask my wife or children about me and they may tell you I'm a little goofy. I love to have fun. I've been know to speak in spoonerisms, or roonerspisms, depending on how you see things. I enjoy whistling and singing and often enjoy making up my own words to popular songs. I also get the cooking bug from time to time and get excited as I create what my kids affectionately call, "Randy's Risky Recipes." To date no one has gotten food poisoning and they've even enjoyed most of my culinary creations. Thank goodness taste buds get regenerated so quickly!

I authored, The Kindness Givers Formula 2.0: A Five Step Guide to Reaching Hearts, Inspiring Change, and Healing the World Through Love. It includes an easy-to-learn formula for ingraining the intentional daily habit of kindness giving in your personal and professional life. It also has several true stories that illustrate how kindness, love's delivery agent, can change lives and bring hope and happiness to hearts and heal the world.

If you've read my book and appreciated it, click here to write a review. It will take just a few minutes and helps tremendously with spreading the word! Thank you. I appreciate you.

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Randy in the Media


Randy and Raffi Andonian

Randy on Clio The Muse with Raffi Andonian

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Randy on Fireside Chat with Zondra Evans.

See the full episode on Zondra TV 

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Randy and Zondra Evans

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