Five actions you can take to help make 2021 the YEAR OF KINDNESS!


2) Send a picture of you holding a copy of this sign that says - “I PLEDGE TO EMBRACE KINDNESS IN 2021” to The pictures will be posted on the 2021 Kindness Wall 

3) Put the KINDNESS GIVERS’ PLEDGE into action every day and share “Kindness Story” posts at least once a week on your social media platform(s).

4) Use the following hashtags in your social media posts - #2021yearofkindness #embracekindness #ipledgekindness or #daretoembracekindness

5) Place the Embrace Kindness Logo, on your websites and use it freely in social media.

My friends, spreading kindness is a noble cause, perhaps the most noble cause on earth. Heaven knows the world desperately needs it. Again I invite you to join me. Together we can become active, daily intentional Kindness Givers - kindness superheroes who have a profound impact and transform the world - one act of kindness at a time. 

Are you with me?

Let's get started - today!

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