In business as in life, the key to success is the ability to create and maintain trustworthy relationships. But how? Is there a "recipe," to follow? If there is, what are the key ingredients?

The answer is yes there is a recipe and the key ingredients include kindness and the attendant behaviors encompassed in the circle of kindness.  

That is a long list of associated behaviors and you might well be asking "How is it possible to remember all of those behaviors, let alone implement them?"

Introducing the Kindness by Design - Personal Culture Creation System - a straightforward, turnkey, end to end personal culture creation system.

Identify essential (called essentials) kindness behaviors that drive your personal success

Determine routine actions you will take to practice the essentials with regularity. 


Plan how you will implement the routine actions.


Act on your plans and also be open to and look for unexpected opportunities to utilize your essentials. 

Invite others to follow your example.

Reflect on and write (record) down how the behaviors and positive interactions with others impact your life.

Access to a library of simple tutorials and information on essential kindness behaviors.

Guidance on how identify the essential kindness behaviors that best reflect your personal situation.

Expert assistance on creating the most appropriate routine actions for identified behaviors.

Expert guidance as you roll out the incremental behavior routines in your life. 

Access to teaching content for each of the essential behaviors, including tips, quotes, coaching tips, questions for discussion, videos, all available through a membership based community portal.

Ongoing coaching on an as needed basis. 


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