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  1. Be kind in your self-talk. You’re with yourself 100% of the time.

  2. Kindness is like packets of sunshine we place in the path of those we serve to brighten their way.

  3. When passing through dark times, we often forget that somewhere out there behind the clouds the sun is still shining. We cannot afford to lose hope but must always remember that as surely as day follows night, so too after the storm comes the rainbow!
  4. Take care of yourself physically mentally and emotionally! Your body and mind are your production capacity.
  5. It doesn’t matter who you are. As members of the human race we all need a daily dose of kindness!
  6. Kindness is a choice we can make every day.
  7. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Be grateful for you. You are unique and have great value!
  8. Listening attentively is a simple act of kindness we can all bestow on a daily basis.
  9. It is through small and simple acts of kindness that we often make the largest impact.
  10. Tactful honesty is an act of kindness through which we bless both ourselves and those with whom we interact.
  11. How do we make regular deposits in the trust banks of those with whom we interact? Through simple acts of kindness.
  12. Kindness, like smiles, knows no language barriers.
  13. Kindness can create connections to hearts that might not otherwise be reached.
  14. It takes great strength and courage to choose to be kind in a situation where our natural inclination makes it so easy to choose anger.
  15. What does it take to be a superhero every day? Give kindness away.  
  16. How does kindness propel us on to greatness? As we lose ourselves in service to others, we find ourselves.
  17. As water fills a container drop by drop until it overflows, so to our acts of kindness fill up hearts act by act until they overflow.
  18. What forges friendship stronger than steel? Consistent acts of kindness.
  19. An act of kindness will not stop a fired bullet. It may, however, prevent it from being fired in the first place.
  20. Would you like to thwart evil? Treat people as the wonderful human beings they are.
  21. When life seems dark, show yourself the kindness of remembering that this too shall pass. Every day brings a new opportunity to do better, be better and become better.
  22. When it comes down to it, the greatest impact we can have in life is through doing good to others.
  23. Kindness is the easiest way to carve your name on someone’s heart!
  24. When you seem to have nothing to smile about, smile anyway and you’ll soon find many things to smile about.  
  25. We can all be bearers of sunshine even in the stormiest of challenges if we choose to do so!
  26. We can choose to be the rainbow in the midst of stormy clouds and brighten someone’s day!
  27. The beautiful thing about kindness is the more of it you give away, the more it comes back multiplied!
  28. One of the greatest ways we can show kindness is by giving our time in service to someone else.
  29. Kindness is an action verb. It means getting up and doing something to make a positive impact on the world.
  30. Kindness begets kindness because kindness is contagious. People can’t help spreading it around!
  31. Miracles can happen every day when we are willing to show kindness, love, and respect for those around us.
  32. What is the greatest balm I know if to heal a fractured relationship? Kindness.  Kindness can penetrate and open stony hearts in ways that nothing else can.
  33. There is no end to the impact for good we can have on others if we are willing to put in the simple effort to be kind.
  34. Daily kindness helps us keep the wonderful giving spirit of Christmas in our hearts all year round.
  35. “We have the opportunity to govern our minds, notwithstanding the circumstances in which we find ourselves. That is powerful.
It is that power we can harness every day to determine that we will be intentional kindness givers.”  The Kindness Givers’ Formula
  36. “By intentionally determining and choosing to be Kindness Givers, we intentionally choose to become emissaries of light, hope, love, unity, and peace; we intentionally choose to make a difference in the lives of others; we intentionally choose to have a transformational difference for good on the world.”
The Kindness Givers’ Formula
  37. Remember, simple actions and simple words have great power. Not only can they affect people in the moment, but they can continue reverberating through time for decades, centuries, and even millennia.  
  38. As with golf or piano playing or any other talent that takes practice to continually improve, the more you practice giving kindness, the more natural it will become and the easier it will be.
  39. No one is a nobody. No matter who you are, no matter where you’re from, no matter what your race or gender may be, everyone is a somebody who has the capacity and the capability to be a kind body!  The Kindness Givers’ Formula
  40. “Unlike sports where you have to prove over and over again that you have the ‘right stuff’ to be chosen for the ‘All Star’ team, everyone who chooses to give kindness becomes a Kindness ‘All Star’ the moment they take action!”  The Kindness Givers’ Formula
  41. When we step out of our comfort zones and extend ourselves in doing kind things that are not always easy to do, we feel so good inside that we determine to make intentional kindness part of our daily lives.
  42. Kindness is a process not a pronouncement. It requires personal action.
  43. Kindness to our family is shown in the simple ordinary things we do. Taking a walk. Listening. Smiling. Laughing. Playing. The only price we pay is time. The return is loving memories that last a lifetime.
  44. A gratitude journal is an amazing tool. It helps us capture moments in time that can bless us for a lifetime and give joy for generations to come.
  45. Those who understand the power of kindness understand that it is found in doing simple things that lift and build others.
  46. One of the greatest cures for depression known to man is getting out of our own minds, focusing outward, and finding ways to serve our fellow man.
  47. Kindness is an attribute that will never go out of fashion. It is the key ingredient for connecting to hearts which is vital to building successful relationships.
  48. Engaging with kindness will open doors to possibility that would otherwise would have remained closed.
  49. Kindness is an asset of monumental worth that is inherent in each one of us if we will but use it.
  50. Kindness is all about engaging in behaviors that return predictable positive consequences.
  51. Honesty is an act of kindness to both ourselves and those with whom we interact.
  52. The kindest acts of serving and caring for our communities are acts of kindness to increase the safety of our communities.
  53. People who are truly kind attract friends like flowers attract bees.
  54. Hope swells and grows within people who get out of themselves and look for ways to lift and build others.
  55. Kind people have a much better chance of succeeding in the workplace and in life than those who are unkind. Why? No one likes to work with or be around people who behave like jerks.     
  56. Service touches hearts and changes lives, particularly our own.
  57. Our self-esteem always goes up when we are kind enough to look for ways to serve others.
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