Wanume Lasuli is an amazing man with a huge heart. He comes from very humble

What did you do today to be kind?

Feel free to anonymously share your kindness story here.


Action 1

All the sparkling water and red bull in my fridge was given to my hardworking counterparts in a part of the building that is too hot to handle!

Action 2

I’m visiting my sister who works really hard for corporate America and thought she would enjoy a nice dinner so I went and bought groceries and I’m now cooking her dinner happy kindness Thursday everyone

Action 3

Just took a few moments to IM an agent in another department how much I appreciate her attitude and energy. She was so happy to receive these kudos from a senior level.

Action 4

Listened with focus to a dear friend's painful story in the midst of my extremely busy day at work.. She hugged me for giving her a patient ear

Action 5

My coworker kindly bought me lunch while I worked and brought it to me and paid for it.

Action 6

A young man, held the door open for a friend and I bought a Starbucks coffee for someone...this was easy.

Action 7

Sent a checking in message to a friend who’s been having a rough time. It was appreciated

Action 8

I gave a random job seeker tangible help, direction, and encouragement in her job search.

Action 9

Called my aunt today just to day hello!

Action 10

Spotted a gentleman asking for money at a stop light - had a quick chat with him (asked him how how was doing, listened to him speak and treated him like a human being instead of ignoring him) in addition to giving him some money.

Action 11

Had a zoom call with a dear LinkedIn friend who needed cheering up! It worked we ended up sharing a beautiful story and laughing!

Action 12

Gave struggling people money for food and shoes.

Action 13

Received recognition for my leadership skills.

Action 14

Had a mentor call with a young man trying to get into Human Resources

Action 15

Reached out on LinkedIn and commented on 20 posts and responded to a whole bunch of comments!

Action 16

Had a LinkedIn connection reach out for a phone call. He was very kind and supportive of my efforts on LinkedIn!

Action 17

Had a 1 minute contest to see how many dishes I could unload from the dishwasher to help my daughter out.

Action 18

Took the dog out for a walk so my wife wouldn't need to.

Action 19

While at urgent care and with the flu, I thanked the receptionist for her kindness and thoughtfulness for those coming in that don’t feel well. I told her that she is an amazing soul and would be sure to fill out a survey and include my thoughts about her.

Action 20

A team member at work went out of the way to perform some ad hoc tasks for me in spite of his magnanimous scheduled tasks.

Kindness received as grace from the One above who made so many impossible things possible.. Ever grateful and thankful

Action 21

A kind driver let me in his lane, when he saw I was going to be creamed.

Action 22

Being a shoulder to lean on for a friend in need.

Action 23

Bought lunch for an employee today. She was grateful and said she needed it. Because she couldn’t figure out what she wanted and she loved the food.

Action 24

Tagged people on LinkedIn to let them know I appreciate them and what they do.

Action 25

Sent a text to a friend who is going through a tough time.

Action 26

Kindness was shown to me, maintenance man helped me unload groceries 4-5 times during the week. I’m the chef so there’s always lots of groceries

Action 27

What will this say!

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