Kingsley Grant - Episode 88 - Why Some Leaders Succeed at Leading  Virtual Teams and Others Don't




Do you wish at times to be close to someone or others but where you are located makes it almost impossible?

How do you feel when you are not able to do so?

Moving to the United States by myself was a challenge for me in many ways. One of those ways was longing at times to be with my family and could not because of where I was and where they were.

It was not pleasant, to say the least.

My only methods of communication were by phone and by mail. Forget about being able to see the face of your loved ones.

Thank God this has changed, yet there are still challenges.

This is especially true when leaders are trying to lead their teams remotely.

How do you accomplish that task successfully?

What's the secret?

In this episode of The Kingsley Grant Show, our guest - Randy McNeely - shares some insights as to how to do so, in practical ways. The good news is that what he shares works for non-remote settings as well. Take a listen.

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