Success in Business is Built on Strong and Powerful Relationships - Kindness is Key

Updated: Mar 31, 2021




Authored "The Kindness Givers' Formula" Completed a Masters degree in Network Security Transitions from a full time CyberSecurity/Information Security compliance and risk consultant to a full-time CultureWise Consultant.

Randy McNeely loves people and has always been a passionate advocate of kindness and the effects of kindness on individuals both personally and professionally. He firmly believes in both the positive engagement and economic power of kindness and the amazing ability kindness has to strengthen personal and professional relationships which are the key to success in business and in life.

To that end he recently founded the PEPOK Institute specifically to provide cultural transformation solutions for individuals and organizations. ​

Randy is married to the amazing Kimberly McNeely. They are blessed to be the parents of five children—four daughters and one son.

In this episode we discuss key points like:

- How one can feel valued, appreciated and loved?

- Dose of kindness

- Words cannot describe the act of kindness it's a feeling you experience

- When you building your brand you are building your own personal culture

- Personal culture either individual or organizational is "Behavior"

- People are gonna know us, like us, trust us, be around us and do business with us only when we adapt those personal behavior that are bringing consistent happiness and kindness.

Randy also shares his personal story on what inspired him to be kind and appreciate other in life.

Do listen to the FULL EPISODE to get some amazing nuggets from Randy.

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