The Kindness Givers' Formula - A Worldwide Game Changer

Simple Acts

Have you ever had the experience of having a day where you want to feel like this,

High flying and happy!

but you really feel like this?

I had one of those experiences not too long ago. I was feeling as grouchy as that gargoyle looks. I don't even remember why now. What I remember is how my whole perspective changed in a matter of seconds. Why? I went downstairs to our basement to get something. When I came back upstairs, my eight-year-old-angel girl had pinned the word "love," twisted out of pipe cleaners, up on the wall directly in front of the basement exit.

You may be thinking, "Okay, so what. How did that change your perspective so quickly?" My perspective changed instantly because if there is one word in the English language that describes my Julia, it is love. She is love. As soon as I that word, I saw her in my mind and I couldn't help but smiling as I pictured her happily working away to make the word and then smiling to herself with glee as she was able to hang it without anyone seeing. She loves to surprise the family with little acts of kindness and we love her for it. She is a natural Kindness Giver which makes her a daily game changer in the lives of everyone within her sphere of influence.

Daily Game Changers

I've thought about that experience and it lead me to thinking about people who are daily game changers, when it comes to the game of life. Through a kind word here, a simple action there, humbly and without fanfare they make a difference for good wherever they go. I for one, want to be a daily game changer. I want to touch hearts, and change lives wherever I go and for whomever I'm with.

What about you? Do you want to be a game changer? Our world needs more daily Kindness Givers-- hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, and yes, even billions more. A crisis of hate seems to be washing over the earth like a tidal wave and leaving upheaval and chaos in its wake. If we are to stem this horrific tide, the time to act is now. The method for doing so is captured in four simple steps:

Every day...

1) Determine to be a Kindness Giver

2) Think about and plan ways to be a Kindness Giver

3) Look for and act on ways to be A Kindness Giver

4) Invite and encourage others to become Kindness Givers

My new book, The Kindness Givers' Formula, in an easy, forty-five minute read, provides practical information for how to implement the steps as well as examples of the formula in action. If desired, you can pre-order the ebook on Amazon today!

Come Join The Movement

In invite you to come and join a worthy cause that is worldwide in its circumference. Come and be part of a powerful movement to counter hate, dispel darkness and transform the world for good by holding up the light of love and kindness. Come, stand up and be counted among a worldwide group of all-star Kindness Givers—kindness heroes who touch hearts and change lives! Come, join us, and invite and inspire others to do the same. Be or become that daily game changer who touches hearts and changes lives. Together, we can make a transformational difference for good!

Do you have a story about kindness, either kindness given or received, that has touched your heart? I'd love to to hear from you. Drop a note to

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