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When Randy McNeely speaks, he shares valuable, practical and actionable information that is transformational when properly applied.

Topics that Randy can powerfully speak to include:

  • The Kindness Givers' Way - A Better Way to Thrive

  • The Kindness Givers' Success Framework

  • The Power of Vitamin-K: Key to Organizational Health

  • Kindness Behaviors - Opening the Door to Powerful Relationships

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The Kindness Givers' Way - A Better Way to Thrive

Despite recognizing the need for a thriving, pro-growth culture to establish and sustain the organizational health which leads to unleashed peace, happiness, and profit, too many businesses continue to struggle to find the path to get there. Rather than taking a page out of Jack Welsh’s service driven leadership book, they’re determined to go down the Lee Iacocca path to self-destruction.

The truth is, there is a better way to thrive, a way that leaders like Jack Welsh from GE, Darwin Smith from Kimberly Clark, Lou Gerstner from IBM, and other service driven, growth-oriented leaders understand. 

Based on solid personal experience, principles from his book The Kindness Givers' Formula 2.0, and study of the power of pro-growth, love-focused mindsets in action, Randy McNeely teaches entrepreneurs and organizations how to tap into what he calls "The Kindness Givers' Way" to unleash the peace, happiness, and profit that leads to true success

The Kindness Givers' 5-Stage Success Framework - How to Create a Better Way to Thrive

If you ask any entrepreneur how important a positive personal culture (i.e., their personal brand) is to their success, or a C-Suite leader how important a positive thriving culture is to overall business success, and nearly every one of them will say it is absolutely vital. 

Yet if you follow up and ask how many of them have a designed plan for creating a positive personal brand or business culture, the only sound you'll hear is crickets. In other words, they are leaving something that is vital to their success entirely up to chance, hoping that it will "just happen."

In this discussion, audiences will learn how to get in the driver’s seat for creating a decades lasting culture that will give them an edge their competition will have a tough time duplicating. It will help them attract and retain the best talent, avoid the churn of constant turnover, and unleash the creativity, innovation, productivity, and employee/colleague satisfaction that leads to raving client fans and recurring business.

The Power of Vitamin K: Key to Organizational Health

Vitamin K - is a nutrient our bodies need for healthy blood clotting and strong bones. Most people get enough just from the foods they eat. Yet certain groups have deficiencies and are at high risk of bruising and brittle bones. They have to take specific actions in order to ensure they are getting all the vitamin K they need.

Just as our bodies need the nutrient vitamin K for optimal physical health, organizations need a different type of vitamin K for optimal organizational health. It is called vitamin kindness. Some organizations, understanding the vital need for this "nutrient," are very conscientious about designing plans and following a specific regimen to ensure their actions deliver it. However, far too many organizations struggle with kindness deficiencies and suffer the health impacts of high turnover, low morale, creativity, innovation, productivity, poor internal and external customer service, and so forth, all of which has negative effects on the bottom line.

In this conversation, Randy shares practical ways of deploying kindness behaviors to create ripple effects that lead to pro-growth organizational health that opens amazing doors of opportunity to create raving internal and external fans and unleashed peace, happiness, and profit.

Kindness Behaviors - Opening the Door to Powerful Relationships

If you've ever done a study of arches, you'll understand that a keystone is the central wedge-shaped stone at the top of the arch which, when placed, locks all of the other stones in place to hold its shape. While the arch is made up of many stones, remove the keystone and the entire structure collapses.

As with physical arches, the arch for organizational, and indeed life success, is made up of many stones. And like physical arches, the arch of success has a keystone which, if removed, causes an entire collapse of the structure. What is that keystone? The keystone is powerful, trustworthy relationships. As the adage goes, "when people know you, like you and trust you, they want to work with you." 


In this conversation Randy discusses and teaches the effective, actionable formula for building long term, pro-growth relationships which lead to recurring opportunity and which allow the free flow of peace, happiness, and profit that permits individuals and organizations to flourish.