My friends I am a man on a mission. My goal is to inspire, invite, and encourage as many people as possible to embrace kindness every day, and to utilize that kindness as a delivery method for happiness wherever they go!

If that resonates with you, I'd invite you support me in my happiness delivery efforts by becoming  patrons for

Why Stories4Charity?

Four reasons.


  • I love inspiring, engaging, and lifting others through writing.

  • I love my family and want to add another revenue stream to support them doing something I thoroughly enjoy.

  • I am a passionate kindness advocate and I love lifting others through kindness. So for every dollar paid, a portion will go to support an inspiring young man with a heart the size of Africa - Wanume Lasuli and his Home of Dream Orphanage in Bugweri, Kalalum Uganda.

  • I love being the vehicle to ignite that wonderful pay-it-forward feeling we all enjoy in as many people as possible.


Every Patron will receive monthly, never-before-published, heartwarming, inspiring, and uplifting short stories!

Every Patron have the opportunity to receive the pay-it-forward feeling in knowing that their support is blessing the lives of children in the Home of Dreams Orphanage.

Other perks such as a monthly newsletter, exclusive videos from Wanumi and the children, story previews, monthly virtual meet-ups, merchandise, and more, will be available depending on the chosen tier.

By the time you've devoured the literary delicacies that I'll be serving up, you will be ecstatic to pay for the value you feel like you've received.

Thank you for your kind support. If this resonates, become a patron. If you have, family, friends, or other connections that you think might benefit from this opportunity, please feel free to share. The more the merrier.

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