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simple acts of kindness often make the largest impact

The first and foremost thing you should know about Randy McNeely is that he is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As a Christian, and a disciple of Jesus Christ, it is Jesus' gospel and teachings that drive Randy to be the man he is. He truly believes Jesus' teaching that we're all children of God and therefore we're all brothers and sisters. He also believes and strives to live by Jesus' teaching to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. It is that belief that drives Randy to be the passionate advocate for kindness that he is. He believes with all his heart that the majority of life's challenges could be overcome if people were willing to embrace and act in kindness every day.

Randy is a passionate kindness advocate.



They want to build trustworthy relationships that empower explosive personal and organizational growth.




To identify and ingrain the kindness driven behaviors that ignite those relationships and open doors of opportunity.




Randy's clients are GUARANTEED to explode their  growth by 6 to 7 figures in new and repeat business by creating internal and external raving fans.


Randy Is the author of The Kindness Givers’ Formula: Four Simple Steps for Restoring Light, Hope, Love, Unity, and Peace. This gem of a book provides an easy yet powerfully effective solution that anyone who is willing can readily learn and implement.


In forty-five minutes, you can learn the four straightforward habit-building-steps for daily intentional kindness giving, get practical information for ingraining them in your life and unleashing the power of kindness giving, and read inspiring examples of the formula inaction.


Randy has also authored Daily Dose of Positive - Volume 1: 90 Days of Timeless Nuggets to Enhance Your Life.


With his powerful voice for kindness, Randy has inspired thousands of people around the world through social media, appearances on television, podcasts, and radio. In his interviews he frequently presents on the powerful ability for kindness encompassed behaviors to build loyalty and trust, unleash creativity and innovation, lead to feelings of personal and professional happiness and wellness, promote positive mental health, inspire positive leadership, and result in greater personal strength and resilience.


Randy co-hosts the bi-weekly podcast, The Kindness & Happiness Connection, and is the executive producer  for a  new Reality TV show called The Kindness Factor.


Randy was born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho and later moved to Provo, Utah. He has lived in multiple states as well as Argentina in South America and the United Kingdom. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Middle Eastern Studies and later received an MS in Network security from Captial University.


Randy is married to a lovely "Angel" as he calls her. They are blessed to be the parents of five children—four daughters and one son.

Without reservation I recommend Randy. His ability to see and understand people is profound. His desire to help and to serve others is unending. If you have an opportunity to talk with or listen to Randy, do it! Your life will be forever better by associating yourself with Randy and listening to what he has to offer.


Jeffery Downs - Author, Streaking: The Simple Practice of Conscious, Consistent Actions That Create Life-Changing Results


Randy McNeely as seen on Allatra TV -

The Importance of Being Kind


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