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Randy McNeely

simple acts of kindness often make the largest impact

Randy McNeely - A Kindness Giver

The first and foremost thing you should know about me is that I’m a man of faith. I share that not to offend anyone or push my religion, but rather to inform your understanding of the perspective I'm coming from. If that offends you, just move to the third paragraph below.


As a member of The Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints, and a Christian, it is Jesus' gospel and teachings that drive me to be the man I am. I believe we’re all children of God and, therefore we're all brothers and sisters. I diligently strive to live by Jesus' teaching to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. It is that belief that drives me to be the passionate advocate for kindness that I am. I firmly believe that the majority of life's challenges can be overcome if we are willing to embrace and act in kindness every day.

​I’m also a husband to an angel and the father of four daughter’s and one son. I love being with them and enjoy having fun playing board, card, and writing games, singing songs around the piano, and creating culinary delights my kids affectionately call “Randy’s Risky Recipes.” The "risky" is derived from that fact that I never entirely follow a recipe when it comes to ingredients, and my measurements have been known to be a little off at times. However, no one has gotten sick yet, and, believe it or not, my kids and my chef of a wife, have actually enjoyed nearly every creation!


I’m the author of The Kindness Givers’ Formula 2.0: A 5-Step Guide to Reaching Hearts, Inspiring Change, and Healing the World Through Love.  In its pages you’ll find a practical formula for ingraining the daily habit of kindness giving in to your life as well as several inspiring stories of love in action through kindness. I've also authored Daily Dose of Positive - Volume 1: 90 Days of Timeless Nuggets to Enhance Your Lifeand compile The Kindness Library Volume 1: Inspiring True Stories of the Transformative Power of Kindness.


I enjoy sharing my formula and stories from my book with audiences that have included schools, entrepreneurship groups, businesses, and more through keynotes, social media, podcasts, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TV.


I’m the executive producer for a wonderful new human-interest series, “The Kindness Factor” showcasing powerful stories of triumph over adversity and inspiring love in action through kindness.

If you've read any of my books, please take the time to leave a review on Amazon. It takes only a few minutes and helps tremendously for spreading the word.


Thank you. I appreciate you!

Without reservation I recommend Randy. His ability to see and understand people is profound. His desire to help and to serve others is unending. If you have an opportunity to talk with or listen to Randy, do it! Your life will be forever better by associating yourself with Randy and listening to what he has to offer.


Jeffery Downs - Author, Streaking: The Simple Practice of Conscious, Consistent Actions That Create Life-Changing Results


Randy McNeely as seen on Allatra TV -

The Importance of Being Kind


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