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Kindness by Design

 Personal and Professional Take away - It's systems that make the difference. Learning a system and implementing it to create a repeatable, ingrained Kindness Habit will produce the desired results.


I'm all about shouting out about great books I've read. Today I'll share two more.

First, a shout out to David J. Friedman, CEO at CultureWise. Well really two shout outs - one for his book Culture by Design: 8 simple steps to drive better organizational performanceand one for the second edition, Culture by Design: How to Build a High-Performing Culture, Even in the New Remote Work Environment. 

Kindness by Design cover

The first book offers a practical guidance for designing a lasting organizational culture, one that will be around for decades. The second book builds on that, more fully introducing what the author calls the Culturewise cultural operating system, and adds in specific guidance for building a thriving, high-performing culture even if your organization is mixed with both remote and in-office workers or fully remote. 

David Friedman is an excellent story teller and his engaging writing style will keep your attention riveted as you read. His system has been used by hundreds of companies to build thriving cultures. His deliberate design has highly influenced my thinking (more on that later). I highly recommend both books you can get them at the links shown above.

My second shout out is to James Clear groundbreaking author of Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones. 

Mr. Clear shares his powerful daily improvement framework, years in the making, that has helped him and millions of others to create powerful habits and the systems around them to produce tremendous results. The author shares events from his personal life, including getting drilled in the head with a baseball bat and all the difficult work and effort that went in to recovering from that challenge. It is that work and effort that led him down the atomic habit road that was the inspiration for his book. 

I found the book engaging, powerful and tremendously insightful. As I've striven to apply what I've learned, I have already started reaping the benefits and I am confident you will too. Highly recommended reading. 

Atomic Habits - Cover

Systems Make the Difference

Notice my use of the word "system." Culturewise has created a cultural operating system that empowers organizations to tailor and design a culture attracts and retains top talent. It also enables organizations to attract and retain great customers and turns them in to raving fans that are happy to spread the word about them. 

It is systems, as James Clear points out in Atomic Habits that make the difference.

Goals are about the results you want to achieve. Systems are about the processes that lead to those results.

Clear, James. Atomic Habits (p. 23). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. 

NOTE: To be clear, I AM NOT saying goals don't matter. What I am saying is that you won't achieve them if you don't have a solid system in place to attaining them. 

The end goal for the Kindness Habit is to create and maintain the powerful, trustworthy relationships that enable an enhanced personal and professional culture which is the keystone of all personal and professional success. 

In Culture by Design David Friedman introduces an 8 step framework, or system, for creating a thriving culture. 

  1. Define the employee behaviors (Fundamentals) that drive your success

  2. Ritualize the practice of your Fundamentals

  3. Select people who are the right fit for your culture

  4. Integrate new hires into your culture

  5. Communicate your culture throughout your entire organization

  6. Coach to reinforce your culture

  7. Lead your culture by example

  8. Drive your culture through accountability

This is basically the same system, with some slight changes, that I use to teach how to use the kindness habit to intentionally create your personal and professional kindness cultures.

Below are the Kindness habit systems.


  1. Identify the essential kindness behaviors (EKBs) by which you intentionally show value and appreciation for yourself and others. 

  2. Create triggers for repeated practice of the identified EKBs to create and reinforce the kindness habit.

  3. Find and interact with people who are the right fit for your personal kindness culture

  4. Lead by example in using intentional kindness behaviors.

  5. Invite and encourage others to adopt and those same EKBs.

  6. Drive your personal kindness culture by holding yourself accountable.


Professional Kindness Habit Value and Appreciation System

  1. Identify the employee essential kindness behaviors (EKBs) that intentionally show the value and appreciation that drives your organizational success.

  2. Create triggers for repeated practice of the identified EKBs to create and reinforce the kindness habit.

  3. Select people who are the right fit for your kindness culture.

  4. Integrate new hires into your kindness culture

  5. Communicate your intentional kindness culture throughout your entire organization 

  6. Mentor and coach the intentional EKBs

  7. Lead by example

  8. Drive your kindness culture through accountability.

Those are the outline steps for a system that anyone can use to ingrain the kindness habit that will create a thriving personal and professional culture. 

Why Bother?

That's a question worth answering. In short, building the kindness habit and ingraining it personally and professionally will result in increased, richer, and more powerfully transformative and trusting relationships - the kind that always lead to an increased bottom line. Over the next few weeks I'll walk you through the system to give you insight in to how it can work to your benefit.

What's Next

I've just given you a lot of food for thought. There is a lot of effort that goes into creating the system that will produce broad rewards through through powerful and trustworthy relationships that will come. It isn't possible to cover what needs to be covered in a single news letter. 

Join me over the next few weeks on a journey through the Kindness Habit system. I can promise you it will be a valuable use of your time. 

Until next week. Remember to embrace kindness - it does everybody good!


About Randy

Randall McNeely is a passionate advocate for kindness and the transformative power it can have in our lives.

Randy speaks about and teaches how to lead with kindness to bring out the best in others and get fantastic results.

Reach out today with a direct message to book Randy for your next event.

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